Frequently Asked Questions

In order to be placed on the work list you must be a guest at banana barracks and have paid your weekly rent and $300 bond. We also require a copy of your passport, visa grant letter and yellow card to be kept on file.
All farm work in this postcode counts towards your visa. Occasionally you may be sent on jobs such as cleaning or gardening which does not count.
You will need a Tax File Number {TFN), Yellow Card completed ( http://www.aginduct.com.au/about-yellow-card),Australian Bank Account, Superannuation Account, Australian mobile phone number. You must have a valid working holiday visa enabling you to work whilst backpacking in Australia.
At Banana Barracks we can also help you with all your Australian visa and migration requirements. Please contact VISA FRONT for all your needs.
We cannot guarantee the amount of work as horticultural work is subject to change without notice often due to the weather or market prices. We do our best to get you started as soon as possible in a job that both suits yourself and the farmer.

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